Imagine Being Paid $500k to Start a New School. American based ‘New Schools Fund’ is doing exactly this to change the way education is run in the US.

They are now launching their New School Catapult. Their goal is ‘over the next several years is to propel successive waves of education entrepreneurs to launch new schools – the kinds of audacious, life-altering schools that can truly prepare our students to pursue their most ambitious dreams’.

To do this they are willing in Phase 1 to invest $100k to allow educators 6-9 months to prepare to launch a new school. Thereafter in Phase 2 they will invest roughly $400k to help the school get through the next 2.5 years. This is $500k to use to start a new school.

It just shows how the education space is growing, more and more businesses are willing to invest directly into schools. Will the ‘New Schools Fun’ ever invest in Southern Africa – let’s hope so.

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