Access to effective teaching resources was once again an important factor influencing the 2015 South African Matric results.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) announced that the highest subject–specific teacher vacancies are for Mathematics and Physical Science.

Now, more than ever, effective e-learning solutions are forming an integral part of a School’s budget, which will pave the way for better teachers, and for continued participation and success by learners in these critical subjects.

Lack of qualified teachers = poor performance

It is no secret that a lack of qualified teachers explains poor performances in many of our provinces across South Africa.

In a statement issued by Ntuthuzo Ndzomo, Equal Education (EE) Deputy General Secretary, and Yeukai Mukorombindo (EE Research), on 2 January 2016: the attention in our failing education system is spotlighted on teachers who are lacking content knowledge and teaching skills.

With a straightforward, CAPS aligned digital aid, which can be used with ease online (or via CD for non-internet access users), during and after school hours, our educators have the opportunity to upskill themselves and improve learner outcomes.

But with so many options available, how do schools gauge which e-learning solutions are the most effective?

So we asked Gavin Welsh, Managing Director of Ask Archie Education, who is currently listed on our SchoolAdvisor, what his thoughts were on this subject:

“A Maths and Science resource needs to be endorsed by top thinkers within the brains trust of South Africa. Our solution is developed by examiners who know the pressure these learners are facing, and therefore it is a concise and cleverly constructed programme.

We originally developed our software for teachers to use in conjunction with their classroom whiteboard using a PowerPoint based programme with the latest technology, graphical descriptions, colourful animations, and back and forward prompts.

Now we find that over 15 000 learners countrywide are schooling themselves the Ask Archie way, with incredible results. I would advise teachers that in choosing a software programme to suit their needs, they should look at personal testimonies of learners whose marks have drastically improved due to the use of a revision aid.”

Teachers: “Move with the times.”

The right focus and time preparation required to successfully complete and pass a Math or Science Exam Paper is of vital importance and the youth of today need tech-savvy teachers to encourage simple and effective digital resources to get their young learners’ attention and retain it.

Visual Learning is well known to be the most powerful form of instruction, especially within the weaker learner bracket and that is why teachers must move with the times and find online resources to assist their educating style.


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