Debt collection is a major problem for schools. It’s usually certain debtors who seem to never pay. So, what is the solution to obtaining these outstanding fees?

We uncovered that Stellenbosch High School is currently using debt collection experts, Collect4U, to solve this issue. We got hold of their Bursar, Ingrid Pellissier, and asked her how Collect4U has managed to help the school claim their money from debtors.

Q1: How did your school manage debt collection before Collect4U?

A: When I commenced at my school in 2016, they had no procedure in place to follow up on debtors. I had a lot on my plate due to mismanagement. The previous team made use of a law firm which left the collection to candidate lawyers. Once I established a proper procedure, I realized a collection service was vital.

Q2: What made you decide to use Collect4U as your debt collection service?

A: I interviewed several representatives from various debt collection companies. They each presented me with their different collection strategies. I was impressed by Julie from Collect4U’s friendly professionalism, expertise and experience. She presented me with facts, not empty promises.

Q3: What has it been like since making use of Collect4U’s debt collection services?

A: Collect4U’s debt collection services have made my work, as a Bursar, a lot easier. They immediately took over our bad debtors from us. Collect4U managed to collect the money we had previously been writing off. They can do this thanks to their legal arm which they know how to use.

Q4: Would you recommend that a school uses a debt collection company rather than doing it themselves? Why?

A: It should be a combined effort between the school and the debt collection company. There are debtors who are reasonable and who will comply when contacted by the school. However, there are also debtors who you need to hand over to a company like Collect4U. 

The major benefit is that companies like Collect4U have a legal arm. They have access to information that we as debtor’s clerks, do not. Another benefit is that they are specialized in the various stages of debt collection. This allows them to cut any difficult debtor down to size and make them settle their bill.

Q5: Would you recommend Collect4U to other schools?

A: I always do! I often speak to financial officers from neighbouring schools. We find a lot of common ground – especially with regards to the non-payment of school fees. So, I often share about our experience using Collect4U’s debt collection services.

From this article, it’s plain to see that schools need expert help in order to claim overdue money from debtors who just won’t pay. And, with Collect4U’s 16 top reviews on SchoolAdvisor, we really think your school could benefit from their services.

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