With limited time and busy schedules, teachers are looking for alternative ways to plan classes. Enter the growing world of teachers paying teachers for lesson plans. Using online platforms, teachers can now load and buy resources.

TeachersPayTeachers in the States claims it has already paid out $150 million to teachers selling their material on the platform. It has 5.5 million registered users. One of its most popular stories is that of Deanna Jump, a US kindergarten teacher, that by 2008 had made millions of dollars for sharing her lesson plans

TES, based in the UK has one of the biggest education resources with over 800 000 resources loaded. These resources are loaded by teachers and are for teachers.

It has now launched into the US and already has a presence in Asia and Europe and a rollout for Australia next year. Their push into the USA is getting big coverage and a lot of interest. You can read Edsurge’s coverage.


Bottom line is that there’s big money on these platforms. Educators have a need, have a small budget and are willing to pay a couple of Dollars to buy a lesson plan. The platform takes a percentage of this fee (+- 20%) and makes their money off millions of small transactions.

Let’s now look locally.  Zibuza.net is the only SA based company that shows up when searching for a similar organisation. Their website states they are piloting with the first 1000 teachers and will open to the greater community in 2016. We have contacted them to get the latest and will keep you notified when we hear more.

SchoolAdvisor believes there is a massive opportunity to become THE lesson plan platform for Southern Africa. Contact us if you know of any platforms in Africa, we would love to cover them.