Ever wondered what students think about Google Classroom? We asked grade 11 pupil Aidan Cunningham to give his input on life before and after the implementation of the app. 

An app that organizes a student’s life in an instant: 
Google Classroom is a new and innovative app that allows students to organize their lives and schoolwork easily and simply. This exciting, free app was implemented at my school, Somerset College, last year and has already had a powerful, positive impact on the students, myself included, and our work performance in school.

I personally find the app has helped tremendously as I never forget about homework or due tasks as the app allows the teachers to set all the due dates and instructions on what the task entails and how to complete it. The app also links directly to a calendar app on my phone that I use to remind myself of the day to day activities such as sport and extra-murals.

Before Google Classroom, I would find my homework list scrunched up in the bottom of my bag but now the paperless app allows me to always be on top of my work.

I never have to worry about being absent from class as all the work that was covered in class is automatically uploaded and I, at the tap of a screen, can see what I missed and what activities I need to do.


Before Google Classroom: 

  • Lost pieces of paper which fall through the cracks of forgetful, teenage, minds.
  • Overdue tasks and lost briefs and instructions.
  • If absent, missed work.


With Google Classroom:

  • Sets and reminds you of times; dates; instructions and tasks.
  • Allows you to catch up and see what work you missed.
  • It’s free and paperless and easy to use.
  • It can be compatible with phones and modern technology and is easily accessible.


Technology is the future and it is becoming more and more of a necessity in everyday life. Google classroom brings the future to you, allowing you to stay on top of everything. Google classroom gives you the opportunity to do well in school and therefore gives you the potential to succeed in life

Google classroom has improved my grades and school work and I recommend it to any student willing to help themselves learn more and organize their lives.