With over 90 million people trusting Google Classroom as their learner management system and many more currently using G Suite tools for admin purposes in their schools, how do you as a school, get started?

We asked Google for Education experts, Opennetworks, how to do this and also asked them for some more information on Google for Education. Here’s what they said.

Q1: What is Google for Education?

Google for Education is much bigger than just Google Classroom. It incorporates all of the Google tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Calendar, Forms and, of course, Classroom. Google for Education also offers schools free, unlimited storage in Google Drive!

Q2: How much do Opennetworks deployment and training services cost?

The best thing about Google for Education, or G Suite for Education (as it’s more commonly known) is that it’s free for schools to use and also offers unlimited storage in Google Drive.

If you are looking for help with deployment, ongoing support and training with G Suite for Education, that’s where Opennetworks comes in. Contact us by completing the form at the bottom of this article for more info on our affordable pricing options for schools.

Q3: How does G Suite for Education benefit a school?

Not only is Google Suite for Education free it also offers unlimited storage. More importantly, though it provides a mechanism to change people’s mindsets about using technology. This is thanks to it being so easy to use and because of its collaborative nature.

Q4: Can you please explain what Google Classroom is?

Within the space of 4 years, over 90 million people worldwide have adopted Google Classroom in their teaching.

Google Classroom, encompasses everything from storing student’s and parent’s contact details, reaching students anywhere at any time, having a real-time view of students work, giving real-time feedback, the ability to grade students work, and much more…

View the Google Classroom demo video here.

Q5: What are the first steps schools need to do to create a free G Suite for Education account?

Firstly, make sure your school has an EMIS number, a website, and that you have not registered for G Suite for Education previously.  We also recommend that your school either has good internet connectivity or you have a plan for implementing connectivity.

When deciding to implement G Suite for Education in your school, we highly recommend that this is accompanied by a clear vision of digital change and integration.

And this is exactly what Opennetworks is here to help you do. Complete the form below to get started with G Suite for Education. A friendly member of the Opennetworks’ team will get back to you as soon as possible.