As we all should know by now, in order to be a teacher in South Africa, you need to be registered with SACE. And, to keep your registration, you need to earn Continual Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) points. SchoolAdvisor has noticed that this puts pressure on teachers to earn enough SACE/CPTD points.

So, we have dug deep and found a company that assists schools with all their SACE and CPTD administration. Get SACE Points runs a workshop for schools, where they learn all there is to know about SACE regulations and even earn CPTD points by completing it! Before we jump into the workshop, it is important that you first understand what the legal requirements are. We asked Paige Davidson of Get SACE Points (the company who runs the workshop) to detail what they are.

Q: What are the legal requirements for a school when it comes to SACE?

A: The South African Council of Educators (SACE) facilitates and manages the Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) program, which requires all South African educators to earn 150 professional development (PD) points over a three-year cycle.

When schools are inspected by the department or by any education body, it is a prerequisite that they are SACE and CPTD Compliant.

Educators who refuse to participate in the CPTD Management System will be contravening Section 7 of the SACE Code of Professional Ethics. This means Educators could get denied their SACE registration and, ultimately, be unable to teach.

Q: What are the legal requirements for a teacher?

A: Professional development points can be achieved by performing SACE endorsed activities, each of which has a predetermined point allocation. Participation is aimed at deepening the knowledge of educators, refining their skills and promoting career development at all levels.

Teachers will have to earn their Professional Development (PD) points from three types of professional development activities:

  • Teacher Initiated Activities (Type 1)
  • School Initiated Activities (Type 2)
  • External Provider Initiated Activities (Type 3)

A SACE workshop that rewards schools with CPTD points

There is a company on SchoolAdvisor that has been receiving great reviews like the one below. This company runs a 1-hour workshop designed to help schools understand all the SACE regulations.

Get SACE Points Review

Here is a brief summary of what you will learn by attending the workshop:

  • Discuss Continual Professional Teaching Development (CPTD) in general and what it entails
  • How to create a teacher profile on the SACE System
  • How to login to the profile on the SACE System
  • How to add Teacher-Initiated Activities (Type 1) on the system, as well as School-Initiated Activities (Type 2)
  • Explain the procedures of how Get SACE Points will assist your school and staff with their CPTD Points (if you decide to take on our SACE service)
  • Discuss the Professional Development Portfolio
  • Q&A session regarding CPTD and SACE

If you are interested in attending a workshop like this, simply fill in your details below, and Paige from Get SACE Points will contact you to slot you into an available workshop or arrange to do one for your school.

Get SACE Points, the company who runs the workshop, also offer other services to schools to assist them with all things SACE. They can assist your school with anything from registering your school with SACE to assisting teachers with submitting activities and even helping schools be prepared for SACE audits.