We love finding people who are committed to helping schools. Every once in a while, we find a company, like Club Travel, SA’s leading Travel Agency, who are doing their best to help schools. They have recently launched www.clubtravelschools.co.za, and we are excited to tell you more.

Why is this so exciting? Well, it offers schools the chance to receive a percentage back when booking a trip through Club Travel. Think of your MySchool card, just replace groceries, etc. with a trip booked through Club Travel Schools.

How it works

Firstly, if you get your school tours booked through Club Travel Schools, you will, of course, receive a percentage back. You can also encourage parents, friends, old boys/girls etc. to book their next trip through Club Travel Schools. All they have to do is select your school at checkout. Simple as that.

What Club Travel offers

Here’s what they have on the table: domestic and international airfares, accommodation, car hire, travel insurance, travel packages for both individual and school groups.

Being SA’s leading Travel Agency, Club Travel are professionals with oodles of experience having booked many school tours. You can have confidence in trusting Club Travel with your next school tour. Club Travel is a registered ASATA Travel Agency and was established in 1987.


So how are you going to get enough people choosing your school at checkout? Well, Club Travel say that they are currently spreading the word about the website across the country through all sorts of channels. But they still encourage support from schools in the form of newsletters, blurbs, etc.

Competitions will also be run from time to time to help drive support. And as mentioned above, you can spread the word to parents, friends, old boys/girls etc. and encourage them to book their next trip through Club Travel Schools.

Our 10 cents

Here at SchoolAdvisor, we are constantly looking for the best deals for schools. We think that your school could benefit from this by reducing some of the annual travel costs that always seem to be jumping up year by year. Don’t forget to consider Club Travel Schools when planning your next school tour.

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