Have you been using a product or service in your school, have reviewed it on SchoolAdvisor but now want to really share your story with other schools? Maybe you are trying out a new product/service or maybe you have been using it for some time now…. SchoolAdvisor has created a place for teachers, educators, and school leaders to share their experiences using a product or service in their school.

Educators CAN share:
  • Their stories and experiences using a product/service;
  • The various ways in which they are using (e.g. an EdTech product) to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.
Admin, IT and school management staff CAN share their ideas, observations and tell us about:
  • Their experiences and successes or failures of using a new product or service in your school;
  • What products and services work and what does not work in your school;
  • What it takes for successful and effective implementation and adoption of new products/services (e.g. new tech products).

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Continue reading for some suggestions and guidelines…

1) Personal Story

The best and most read articles are stories told from a personal perspective, a “How I am using this product/service” article. It can be a success or a failure story. People want to read relatable, human stories.

Article heading suggestions:
  • “5 Tools to Use and to Avoid When Flipping Your Classroom”
  • “Upgrading Our School – From a Principal’s Perspective”
  • “Trying New Technology to Improve My Teaching Environment”
  • “Personalized Learning – The Tools I Use”

2) Advice and Implementation

Share how your school implemented the use of a product/service that changed the way your school operates or improved the learning environment for both teacher and learners. Mention what product/service you used and write the article in such a way that you will be giving feedback and advice to other schools.

Article heading suggestions:
  • “How to Introduce New Tech Into Your Classroom – What I Learned”
  • “Making the Flip from Paper to Paperless – What You Can Learn from My Experience”
  • “Tablets are a MUST or are They?”
  • “My List of Essential Tools Needed for the Modern Classroom”

3) Analysis, Tips, & ‘How To’ Guides

Why hide your trade secrets? Many school and teachers are open to trying new teaching techniques and using different products/services. The problem is that they do not know how. Sharing a deep analysis of a product/service or explaining a particular teaching technique you often use in detail will help and encourage other schools to try it out. Be transparent and feel free to provide stats that show student progress since using said product/service or teaching technique.

Article heading suggestions:
  • “An EdTech Product Classroom Analysis”
  • “A Must-Try Teaching Tool”
  • “Understanding Technology and How to Use It in Your Classroom”
  • “Changing to a New School Admin System – All You Need to Know”
  • “How To Use an Electronic Whiteboard – a Teacher’s Guideline”
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