There is a wide debate on whether or not to pay for software or only use free software. A lot of schools don’t calculate software into their budget. Maybe schools should reconsider? We found an article debating free vs paid software for schools.


It is not uncommon to chat with a group of teachers about a new product, and hear them proclaim something along the lines of: “If it’s not free, I won’t use it.”

We all love the idea of “free.” But as the adage goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Many edtech products are cloud-based, but that doesn’t mean the companies that build them run on air. Educators should recognize that free tools may not survive for long. Without fully understanding how free tools are sustained, they run the risk of adopting and relying on technology that may change significantly—or not exist in a year’s time.

So, what fuels free tools—and what implications could this have for teachers? There are three main supporting sources:


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