Gr 7-12 Science Teachers: SchoolAdvisor is excited to let you know about an exclusive offer just for you. We know it can be challenging to get access to high-quality science content for your high school learners. Well, Doc Scientia is giving you free access to some of their content.

Doc Scientia is one of our top-rated companies with a 5 out of 5 star rating after seven reviews. Below are two reviews from schools that highlight not only their great quality products but also their ‘on the ball’ customer service.

Doc Scientia Review 1     Doc Scientia Review 2

When they told us they were giving away content for free, we had to find out more. We asked them some questions about themselves and about this exclusive offer.

What makes Doc Scientia great?

Doc Scientia supply schools with high-quality educational material in Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences for Grades 4 to 12. We work with a specialised team who helps create the content for our products. The team comes from a background in teaching and working in high schools. This helped us to identify the need for high-quality educational material in various grades.

The products are user-friendly, helping you understand the terminology and subject content. Our products stimulate reflective thinking and cultivate a scientific attitude in students. Our products aim at aiding the learners in the development of their personalities, in developing open-mindedness, appreciation and understanding of nature and not merely stuffing their minds with facts.

What makes the Doc Scientia test papers and memos different?

At Doc Scientia, we know that teachers have limited time. What we wanted to achieve was to lighten the load of learners and teachers. So, we took the time to developed extra test papers with memos to help learners and teachers with extra practice.

It will challenge learners and test their knowledge on the various subjects and teachers will benefit by having extra resources to use in the classroom to give their learners the extra edge.

How does this special offer work and how do teachers get their hands on a free demo?

We are offering teachers the opportunity to test out our products by giving them free access exam papers. Click the button below, fill in your details and voila – free exam papers. You can also browse around our website for more free resources.

Click here to download free exam papers


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