If your school needs a fully customisable management system and communicator, now’s the perfect opportunity to claim this exclusive offer. You can get ChildCloud’s Bronze Package for free if you act fast.

We chatted with Child Cloud to find out more about this limited-time offer and asked them to tell us more about the School Admin System and Communicator included in this offer.

Q1: Is it really free? What are the hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. The first 100 schools to sign up on our Bronze Package get it for free. We have Silver and Gold Packages which have more features, however, the free (Bronze Package) is more than sufficient for most schools. 

This offer is not to be miss out on as it is valued at over R12 000/annum.

Q2: What all is included in the Bronze Package?

The Bronze Package includes our School Management System as well as our School Communicator. You’ll be given your school’s unique link which will allow you to easily upload each child’s profile into their relevant class. Also included is a free setup of the school’s structure which entails us adding the grades, classes and teachers.

The Bronze Package excludes bespoke modules such as timetables, academic reports, etc. which are only available with the silver and gold packages. Follow this link to view our three packages and see exactly what’s included and what’s excluded: https://childcloud.co.za/Subscriptions

Q3: Your Management System is customisable. What does this really mean for schools?

Not every school is the same. They all have unique Timetables, Academic Reports, etc. which we can fully customise for each school’s unique requirements. We work closely with schools to ensure each module works seamlessly.

Our system can also be customised to align with the look and feel of your school’s corporate identity.

Q4: What schools are currently using your Admin System and Communicator?

Over 40 schools across South Africa currently use our system. These schools range from nursery schools to high schools. 

Most rural schools need a management system but simply cannot afford it. Our aim is to provide these schools with a world-class Management System and Communicator at no cost.

Q5: What are the core parts of the system?

At the core, we offer a School Management System allowing administrators access to the records for each child, parent, and teacher. 

We then offer a School Communicator which allows parents to login and view the following:

  • News
  • Calendar Events
  • Reminders
  • Permission slips
  • Homework assignments
  • Photo Gallery
  • Email and SMS
  • Attendance Records
  • Parent-Teacher Conferencing
  • Volunteer Signups
  • Activity Tracking
  • Academic Reports
  • Timetable Management

Q6: What makes you unique to your competitors?

Schools seem to love the more personal approach we take. We understand that parents only want to view relevant content. So, the notifications we share with each parent are specific to their child. This personal approach is one of the main things that sets us apart from our competitors.

Q7: How does a school find out more?

To find out more about which features our system has and how it works, watch this short video.


If you would either like some more info or would like to claim this free offer, simply provide your details below and Child Cloud will contact you to get setup.