1. What is Exam Portal Home Edition?

Exam Portal Home Edition is a simplified version of the Exam Portal Software (school version), that the students can now use at home for practicing purposes or to do their homework. 

The Exam Portal software (school version) is a cost-effective software designed to administer secure and standardized tests which provide equal opportunities for all learners. Among others, these tests include International Benchmarking tests, NSC Examinations, and internal tests for students with concessions for either a human reader, computer accommodation, or both.
The built-in text-to-speech engine caters for all the official South African languages! This creates a standardized testing environment that eliminates nepotism, and unfair advantages. It also creates the ability to share a venue where candidates that require a human reader, or scribe, once had to be in a separate venue on their own.

Exam Portal Home Edition is a lite version of the full Exam Portal software, intended for Home use, and which allows parents or learners to quickly and easily upload content from Microsoft Word or PDF i.e. homework, assignments or practice tests and have the Text-To-Speech engine read back the text in all South African official languages; compatible with all 2020 new Exam Portal features listed above. This is particularly useful for candidates to familiarise themselves with the voices and the navigation of the software. Demos available on request.


2.  Exam Portal Home Edition Features

Exam Portal Home Edition had the following available features:

  • Easy and effortless to install.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Load a word or pdf document in seconds.
  • Text to Speech enabled with any official South African language.
  • Fully supported and affordable.


3.  How does Exam Portal Home Edition work?

Exam Portal Home Edition is installed on a Windows computer, it does not require a database or a server.

To load an exam Word document onto Exam Portal Home Edition, you simply click on ‘Load Document’ and browse to the exam document that you wish to upload, then you may double click on the document and it will get uploaded onto the system.

If the student answers their exam on the software, their answers will get stored in the specified folder on the computer they were working on.


4.  Who will be using Exam Portal Home Edition?

Home Edition will be used at home by students who have reading and typing concessions.


5.  Pricing

Exam Portal Home Edition (annual license) is available for only R499 excluding Text-to-Speech voices. Receive a 15% discount on the base price before 15 May 2020 by using this voucher code when contacting us “SA_HE042020”


For more information, please visit our website on:  https://www.examportal.co.za/

Or to view a brochure on Exam Portal Home Ediction, click here:  https://www.examportal.co.za/homedition.html


Please contact V-Soft Technologies on 011 452 5566 or email us on
[email protected] or [email protected] for more information on the new Exam Portal Home Edition or if you require a demonstration for the software.