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Thee 2016 Bafundisa Conference, hosted by the South African Principals Association –  is centred around the concept of learning, teaching and leading, particularly on developing leadership and managers in Education in order to improve the quality of the education sector in South Africa. This conference aims to attract more than 500 leaders in Education and will promote leadership development through the creation of opportunities for professional development, networking, knowledge sharing and provide a platform for the development of regional consensus on education issues.

For Schools

Why Bafundisa?

Funda, the Zulu word for Learn, and Fundisa  – the Zulu word for Teach combines to form an abstract term and concept for the SAPA 2016 Gauteng Conference – Bafundisa. In Zulu, the word ‘Bafundisa’ can only be used in a sentence, surrounded by other words which give it meaning, which calls for us as education leaders to be at the centre of learning and teaching. It requires us to work together with other stakeholders in the value chain, just as the word bafundisa needs other words alongside it in order for it to make meaning.

We need to learn before we can teach, to be inspired; before we can inspire, to be challenged; before we can challenge, to be led; before we can lead. It calls for us to realise that we are all so much more than our job titles and defined roles, and asks that we all play our part to surpass commonplace.

The Conference is aimed at meeting the needs of school principals and other stakeholders in the public education value chain. This is not just another education ‘conference’. As you are aware, leaders in Education are all facing their own set of challenges and an intervention that may work in inner city schools would not necessarily be effective in rural schools due to infrastructure, language, culture and various other factors. Bafundisa 2016 has thus been designed to meet these diverse needs, and is a two day leadership and skills development experience designed to educate and inspire delegates, improve management and leadership skills as well as develop and promote solidarity in education.


Who should attended:

School Principals & Vice Principals

Heads of Department

Officials from National, Provincial and Local Government departments

Representatives from NGO’s

Industry Specialists

Representatives from international education organisations

Representatives from local and multinational corporations

Media representatives


For School Suppliers

Educational Exhibition & Sponsorship

An educational exhibition will form an integral component of the conference and will provide you with a platform to target leaders in Education where you can promote your organisations products and/or services.

An exhibition stand includes:

1 x table

2 chairs

1 registration to the conference

Cost: ZAR 5000