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If your business is focused on selling to schools, this is the once-a-year event you need to attend to be equipped to more effectively reach schools.

Last year’s event featured an exciting mix of 4 speakers who have been in and around the school industry for some time. This year’s event will be no different, as we have once again brought together a mix of 5 incredible speakers. All 5 speakers will be talking from real experience and will provide you with hands-on tips and strategies on selling to schools.

This exclusive event will unveil strategies from speakers with real success stories of cracking open one of the toughest markets – the school market. Companies looking for fresh ideas and new strategies are sure to benefit from attending this highly-anticipated annual event.

Strategically, we are setting this as a yearly event in Cape Town and will, therefore, not be doing one in Joburg.

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Event Details

  • Date: 21 Sept 2018
  • Start: 09:00 for 09:30 – 16:00
    (a 9am for 09:30 start gives JHB attendees a chance to fly in on the morning)
  • Venue: Beyerskloof Wine Farm – Stellenbosch
  • Cost: R2,950 ex VAT (includes lunch, tea/coffees, wine tasting)

Feedback from our Cape Town workshop

100% of attendees said the workshop gave them tips and tools they could immediately put into practice in their business.

When asked if they would rate the overall experience of the workshop ‘poor, ‘average’ or ‘great’. 100% of respondents said great.

When asked if they would recommend it to another school supplier, 100% said yes.

Who Should Attend

C Level staff of companies who focus on selling to schools

The day will give you a broad overview of the school market and help you build strategies within your business to reach more schools.

Sales managers and key sales staff

Does your team sell to schools on a daily basis? Whether you are new to the school market or have experience selling to schools, this course will practically give you tips and insight on how to get more sales from schools.

Entering the school market

Are you launching a new EdTech or supplier business that will be selling to schools? Are you selling into other markets and want to introduce your product to schools? This one-day event will give you a view of the school market and how to tackle it.

[Note: the workshop is focused on selling to school decision makers and not parents.]


Peter Morgan
09:30 The coal facePeter Morgan
Understanding the South African school market, the new trends affecting school purchasing and what suppliers need to be aware of in 2019.

Bio: Peter has hands-on experience in the education sector from successfully co-founding d6 (the School Communicator) and more recently, SchoolAdvisor. Daily, he deals with schools and suppliers, giving him insight into purchasing trends.

Jean Vermeulen
10:15 Using social media to reach schoolJean Vermeulen
Learn from one of the most successful social media experts in the school space. Discover how to use social media to reach schools effectively – what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to know.

Bio: Jean, a former teacher, runs the Onnies Online Facebook page which has over 25 000 South African teacher followers. This makes it one of the largest online platforms for reaching schools. He is also the entrepreneur behind Teacha! Resources & Magazine, RSA Teaching Jobs and SACE Points Guide

11:15 Karri Case Study: Successfully launching a product to schoolsDouglas Hoernle
This years’ case study will be presented Doug who will talk through how Karri successfully launched a new product into the school market. He will explain what barriers they faced, how they got through them, and how they achieved such a big penetration in their first year.

Bio: Doug Hoernle is the CEO and founder of Karri. He is an Allan Gray Orbis Foundation fellow and has a string of entrepreneurial wins behind his name, including Rethink Education. Added to all that, he also makes a great craft gin!


Peter Morgan
12:00 Selling to schools 101Peter Morgan
Peter pulls together 4 of the most effective selling tips when it comes to selling to schools. These are immediate sales strategies that you and your team can use.

Bio: Peter has hands-on experience from his time managing the d6 sales team (which had one of the quickest sales penetrations of products into the school market). He has also successfully done training for some of SA’s biggest companies focused on selling to schools – Pearson, Waltons, Macmillan, Nedbank.

12:40 Lunch at BeyerskloofRed Leaf
Beyerskloof is providing two options for lunch at their restaurant that overlooks the vineyards.
– The Pinotage burger and chips or,
– Potato Gnocchi (Herb gnocchi with tomato base sauce, butternut, zucchini, red onion, shiitake mushrooms, English spinach, cherry tomatoes, chorizo sausage and parmesan cheese with a hint of basil)
13:30 Investing into Education
We are waiting final confirmation but this speaker is from one of the top education investment companies that has been successfully investing into well know education businesses. With this experience he will share a macro view of the education space and why education is an attractive investment opportunity. This talk will give you insights into the education space from a very different perspective.


Rian Truter
14:10 Putting the cool into schoolRian Truter
With over 30 years of experience in teaching and running a school, Rian will present on why school suppliers need to be focused on more than just the profit bottom line when it comes to selling to schools. There is a unique opportunity for school suppliers and manufactures to have a wider impact on education in South Africa. Through this talk, Rian also gives a view of the school from the inside.

Bio: Rian Truter, a former headmaster of DF Malan, is now a well-known speaker with deep insight into schools. He is known for entertaining and fun talks that drive home big points. He annually runs one of the most sought-after education conferences – Summit (schools book a year in advance to secure their seats).

15:00 Wine Tasting and Networking
Anri Truter, Beyerskloof’s winemaker, will discuss the impact of blending wines to create amazing flavours. His presentation will be accompanied with a tasting selection of some of their top wines.

There will then be an opportunity for you to connect with the attendees, who represent some of South Africa’s top school suppliers. These conversations could even possibly lead to a future blend of two companies or products that could create a marked impact on our countries education space.

Ella Viljoen
Workshop Coordinator

If you need any more info on the workshop, feel free to contact me.

Email: ella@schooladvisor.co.za
Work: 021 565 0401 (dial 2)