The EdTechTeam Cape Town Summit 2018 was held on the 9-10th of August at SACS, Cape Town. 

We were in attendance and not only got to share with schools the good news about SchoolAdvisor but also attended workshops and keynote presentations.

The format of the summit was both fast-paced and fun. Two days of hands-on workshops, keynote presentations, a demo slam competition, and a closing capstone session.

Both days kicked off with a fresh cup of coffee before the first keynote at 8:00 am. The first workshop followed shortly after the keynote which set the tone for the rest of the day.

For each workshop, you got to choose from a selection of 8 practical presentations led by experienced and knowledgeable professional developers.

Even though there were a lot of workshops (4 the first day and 3 the second), it was well spread out with enough time to network while enjoying the beautiful Cape Town mountains during tea and lunch breaks.

Here are some of the highlights from the keynote presentations and workshops I attended

Day 1 – Keynote 1

Day one kicked off with a keynote presented by Monica Martinez. The title of the talk was ‘Creating Culture by Design’.

Monica challenged educators to embrace change and spoke about common roadblocks schools face when trying to implement these changes.

She made it clear that technology doesn’t solve everything and that, in order for technology to be successful, it needs to work hand-in-hand with current teaching practice (old tech).

She finished by challenging the educators to shift their mindsets and embrace new technology.
> View keynote presentation slideshow here.

Day 1 – Workshop 1

After the keynote, I attended a workshop presented by Alister Payne called ‘Google Keep: It’s a KEEPer’.

Alister explained how powerful of a tool Google Keep is and explained all you can use it for. As he spoke about all Google Keep’s features, he got everyone to whip out their devices (laptops, tablets, or smartphones) and do what he said.
> View full Google Keep presentation

Day 1 – Workshop 2

The next workshop I attended was presented by Irene Basson and was titled ‘Beat the Clock’.

This workshop was all about how to use Google Chrome more efficiently to get daily tasks done quicker.

Irene also did live demos of some awesome Chrome extensions that help with teaching, admin, and efficiency.
> View all the notes from this workshop (including all recommended Chrome extensions)

Day 1 – Workshop 3

The third workshop I attended was presented by Monica Martinez and was titled ‘Visual Literacy – Photography Edition’.

Monica made this workshop informative, practical and fun! We learnt about the rule of thirds and how to manipulate photos within Google Slides to make presentations more visual. We even edited one of our own photos using a mobile app with professional editing tools called ‘Snapseed’.
> View Monica’s photography resources

Day 2 – Keynote 2

Day two kicked off with the second and final keynote of the summit. It was presented by Lindsay Wesner and Alister Payne and was titled ‘A Culture of Change and Innovation?’

The talk was both entertaining and encouraging. The focus was on answering this question: “What does it mean to be intentional about creating a culture of innovation in our classrooms and schools?”

Day 2 – Workshop 1

After the keynote, I attended my first and only workshop for the day. It was presented by Monica Martinez and was called ‘G Suite Apps Tips and Tricks’.

Monica basically showed us some really cool tips and tricks that you can use with a variety of Google Suite Apps to become a ‘Google Power User’.
> View all notes and resources from Monica’s G Suite workshop

Here are some photos from the day