Your School Could Be Earning Up to R12k pm For a Billboard

Tractor Outdoor, a premier outdoor media advertising solutions company, explains how they can help you turn unused space into a profit-generating billboard for your school.

Q: What kind of revenue can a school generate from billboards on their school grounds?

A: Depending on the location of the school as well as where a billboard can be positioned on the school grounds, it can generate anywhere from R4k to R12k per month for the school. We try to provide the schools with fixed income so that they can budget for each year with an annual increase.

Q: What are the regulations to put up a billboard (are they different from town to town/province to province)?

A: They are different for each province. For example, in the Western Cape the size regulations are: a max of 2 (3 x 6) 18m² signs or 1 double-sided (3 x 6). Regulations are also different from town to town, for example, Port Elizabeth doesn’t allow anything greater than 12m² which has to be split into 4 separate advertisers. Fortunately, Tractor Outdoor can walk you through the process and let you know what your region’s requirements are.

Q: How much does it cost to put up the billboard infrastructure and does the school pay for this?

A: It does not cost the school anything. All costs are covered by Tractor and the costs are around R200 000 for a 3m x 6m billboard.

Q: What makes an ideal spot for a billboard?

A: An area with high traffic volumes, close proximity to a road verge with decent exposure onto the road, LSM (life style measurement) of traffic. Basically, this means that in order for your school to qualify for the erection of a billboard, it needs to be situated near to a main road.

Q: Does the school have any control over what the brands advertise?

A: No alcohol or inappropriate adverts/brands which are generally controlled by various legislation and self-governed industries will be advertised. We recommend that the school lists the brands it does not want upfront to avoid negative sentiment from agencies.

Q: What role can Tractor Outdoor play in helping schools?

A: Tractor Outdoor can provide an additional revenue stream for the school whilst helping them understand the full process involved. We provide control and guidance through the entire process – from identifying the right spot on the school grounds to getting the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities, manufacturing and installing the billboard, securing the advertising etc.

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