Many schools are sitting with interactive whiteboards and not using them to their full potential. This is often because they have been installed in the classroom with teachers who are not trained or training has not been ongoing. We chatted to Parrot Products about their solution to this problem.

Q1: Are schools using interactive whiteboards effectively?

No, the majority of schools use their whiteboards as projector screens. And the few that are using them to enrich their lessons and education environments are only scratching the surface of what they can really do.

Q2: How can teachers use interactive whiteboards more effectively?

The obvious answers would be continuous training and a culture between educators to collaborate amongst each other.

We, at Parrot Products, feel it goes deeper than this. Hardware should be as easy to use as possible and the use of existing content and software should not be “scary” or “new” for educators to start. Since our interactive whiteboards focus on these two things, we’ve seen a much larger adoption rate and ROI.

Q3: What is your number one tip in using interactive whiteboards?

One of the primary benefits to an Interactive Whiteboard is the ability to easily add, edit or remove content. So, change your method of presenting to consist primarily of “questions” and use the answers from your audience in/on your content.

Q4: How does Parrot train schools to enhance their skills in using interactive whiteboards?

Parrot Products provide FREE introduction training with any purchase of their Interactive/Smart range. We also provide paid training offerings tailored to the schools’ needs.

Our training is also modelled to not focus on the specific product or software BUT rather to release the shackles on teacher’s minds – to embrace the technology in a much broader concept.

👉 View training PDF.
👉 View Parrot Products interactive whiteboards.

Q5: How much does your training cost?

This is relevant to the specific requirements but we have some listed offerings:

  1. Free introduction training with the purchase of hardware
  2. Paid introduction/ Intermediate/ Advanced training per person – R 525.00 (incl VAT). Group sessions may be arranged.
  3. Paid full-day training per school – R 3,680.00 (incl VAT). The trainer is present at the school for the entire day, to complete either Introduction/Intermediate and/or Advanced training – regardless of the amount of teachers or sessions.
  4. Paid Microsoft ICT for Educators Course (10pd-points), per person for groups below 10 – R 2,238.48 (incl VAT)
  5. Paid Microsoft ICT for Educators Course (10pd-points), per person for groups between 10 and 20 – R 1,975.13 (incl VAT)
  6. Paid Microsoft ICT for Educators Course (10pd-points), per person for groups larger than 20 – R 1,316.75 (incl VAT)

Q6: Where does the training take place?

The school has the option to have it completed at their premises OR at any one of our training facilities (JHB, CPT, DBN and BLOEM)

Q7: How can schools get in touch with you?

We have the following channels available –

You can also leave your details below and a friendly team member from Parrot Products will get back to you as soon as possible.