The use of e-learning resources directly related to the curriculum, as opposed to generic global content, has been proven to assist in forming concrete linkages, if the digital content is used in a meaningful way.

The burden on teachers to use new technology is high and so appropriate training and support is required.

Initial teacher training which should cover technical training in the use of the technology, as well as pedagogical practice (how teachers will use the technology), as well as ongoing teacher development, is required. This helps to ensure that the new ways of teaching using the technology are successfully incorporated into existing practices.

School management (at the highest level) should be present at training and also practice the new approaches.

Teachers who are more experienced in using technology, should be encouraged to mentor novice teachers. Programme ‘Champions’ can be appointed to help management drive and support the change process.

My Cyberwall offers a range of teacher training solutions to help teachers gain confidence in the use of My Cyberwall in their classroom. Ongoing technical support, as well as one on one coaching and follow up sessions are also offered to clients every term at no charge.

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