“I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I have NEVER purchased anything in direct response to an unsolicited email.

Dozens of unsolicited vendor emails made it through the spam filters to my inbox every day, fighting for attention among the back-and-forth conversations of daily business. So do email solicitations really work?

I gave up good email hygiene long ago; I learned to ignore the “unread” number: 4000+ and growing! The only unsolicited email that might have gotten my attention would be one that had a subject line that just happened to encapsulate a solution to my crisis-of-the-day, which never happened.

But even then, I would not have purchased anything without research, comparison shopping and seeking input from peers and colleagues.

At best, the email that strikes at just the right moment might get you on the list of products to be evaluated, but not the sale” posted by Gee Kin Chou in Ask Gee Kin: Do Email Solicitations Really Work?