What is the ratio of the use of pen and paper vs. digital technologies in your classroom? Do you tend to lead more towards digital or paper? We encourage you to ask yourself the below questions that early EdTech should address to ensure that you aren’t going digital for digital’s sake.

EdTech Digest deal with three key questions early EdTech should address:

  1. What are the most essential or important skills my child needs to learn?
  2. How can I employ different methods to keep my child engaged?
  3. Where can I find an educational solution that connects these important skills to the learning needs of the child?

There has been dramatic growth, adoption, and innovation in the edtech space. Many educational companies tout digital products like virtual reality, assessments, even entire new digital platforms – all with the promise of revolutionizing learning or “disrupting” the classroom.

Yet, if you observe today’s classroom, the vast majority still rely predominantly on pen and paper ‘printables’ as the primary learning tools, while digital technologies remain early in adoption.

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