Learning Math Starts with a Connection.

Teachers: are you looking for a more creative and fun way to teach Maths? The Discovery Education Math Techbook turns real-life problems into a Math lesson – how cool is that! The Math Techbook is the latest edition of Discovery Education’s digital textbook series.

The Math Techbook uses a Discover – Practice – Apply learning cycle that balances conceptual learning, procedural fluency, and real-world application. The idea behind this innovative textbook is to help students deeply master mathematical concepts and develop lasting proficiency, all while being practical and fun.

How it be used in the classroom

Every student has a device, several students share a device, or the whole class engages with an interactive whiteboard or other large display.

Students experience dynamic content, interactives, videos, digital tools, and game-like activities that increase their motivation to learn math. Students learn content through multiple pathways that match their learning style and can monitor their own progress in real time with the Student Dashboard.

How it serves teachers

Adaptive learning is integrated into the Math Techbook experience. Teachers can collect evidence of student progress instantly and adjust instruction to meet each student’s academic needs.

Comprehensive resources, student activities, and model lessons are at teachers’ fingertips in one, easy-to-navigate site. Real-time feedback and easy-to-read data on the Teacher Dashboard make it easier to adjust instruction.

Watch this video for a look at Math Techbook inside of a middle-school classroom, in Wicomico County Public Schools (MD):

Find out more about the Math Techbook and how you can use it in your classroom from Discovery Education’s website.