Accommodations and concessions are not easy for any child who is experiencing difficulties or challenges at school. Dainfern College discovered a cost-effective software programme from V-Soft Technologies, called Exam Portal, that assists the learners during exams; allowing them the chance to reach their full potential. We recently chatted to Christine Zeelie from Dainfern College to find out how the Exam Portal has helped learners to complete exams without being inhibited by their learning barrier.

Why did you decide to use Exam Portal?
Dainfern College chose to use the Exam Portal to assist all accommodation students (only reading accommodation) to have the same chance of achieving success in their exams as any other Grade 12 learner.

How does Exam Portal help your learners who have concessions?
The Portal assists the learners with reading long sections of articles/sources rather than having to read it themselves; running the risk of missing words or parts of sentences. A student with severe dyslexia, for instance, can now listen to the section needing to be read as well as use the Portal to read the paper question-by-question to them. This means that the learner will have a better chance of achieving the mark that they are capable of. Over the last two and a half years we have clearly seen the difference it makes to exam marks.

How have your learners adapted to the use of Electronic Readers?
Our learners are very well adapted because the team running the Exam Portal ensures that all users of the Portal receive training early in the year. This assists them in understanding the system as well as ensuring that they get sufficient time to get used to the system before writing their prelims and final exams on there as well.

Which features are the most valuable to you as a school and to your learners?
The exam reading functionality. We have not yet had students using the system for other uses. Although, with the recent upgrades, the marking/grading system on the Exam Portal looks to be a great addition.

Would you recommend Exam Portal to any school or any teacher?
Yes, I would! It is not hard to set up, is user-friendly and assists the learners very well with the accommodations that they have.

Clearly, Exam Portal, improves the exam writing experience for students who have concessions. Trusted and used by the IEB (Independent Examinations Board), the software gives every student the chance of reaching their full exam potential. Setting up Exam Portal is easy. You can either install it locally on the School Server or simply use the web-based version.

If you would like to chat to V-Soft Technologies about how you could use Exam Portal in your school, please contact their friendly support staff.

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