Schools can spend countless hours ordering textbooks. This process of ordering textbooks is a massive burden for schools, as the amount of admin is often tremendous. When we heard there’s an easier way to do it, we got very excited. 

This method, which enables parents to order their textbooks online, can remove the admin burden on schools and help keep you focused on what you do best – teach and run the school.

By parents ordering online, schools no longer have to play the admin role between the parents and the supplier.

We got in touch with Rachel van der Westhuizen, the Head of Curro Serengeti, who has implemented this method of ordering textbooks in the school. She explains how it has drastically reduced the amount of time spent on admin and how easy it is to implement.

Q1: How did you previously order textbooks and why did you want to change the way you did it?

A: Our school ordered textbooks the way most schools still do it. Parents send a request to the schools to order a certain textbook or book for their child. Once the textbooks or books arrived, we would spend roughly 2 hours a day trying to allocate the ordered textbooks or books to the correct pupils. The amount of admin was a nightmare.

Q2: Why did you choose a different way to order textbooks?

A: When we discovered that Simply Everything was able to dramatically reduce the time spent on admin, we quickly changed the way we order textbooks and books. Since doing our textbook and book orders through Simply Everything, we now spend way less time on admin in comparison to previous years. 

Carmen is our contact from Simply Everything. She deals with her clients and customers in a professional way. She communicated the process with us in a way that all instructions and procedures were clear and easy to understand by all individuals involved.

Q3: How do you order textbooks with Simply Everything?

A: Simply Everything has a 24/7 online textbook/stationery store. They helped our school compile and upload a list of textbooks, books, and stationery requirements that each pupils needs per grade. 

Our parents then receive communication from the school regarding the simple new ordering process. Parents can simply go to our school’s page on Simply Everything’s website and order exactly what their child needs.

Editor Note
The process of ordering through Simply Everything looks something like this:

  • Schools send their book and stationery list to Simply Everything. They then upload the list to their website under the school’s name.
  • Parents can then view the book and stationery list per grade on Simply Everything’s website. They simply click on the grade and see everything they need in one place.
  • Parents can choose to use one-click shopping to order the whole pack or browse within the pack to order only the items they need.
  • For parents who prefer not to order online, there is an order form system. They can print the order form from within the category or pack and complete it with their requirements.  They can then either fax, email, or WhatsApp the order to us.
  • Parents will then receive a payment link by email if paying by credit card (through Payfast) or an email with banking details to do an EFT or make a payment at an ATM or bank branch.
  • Parents can choose for the individually packed textbooks to be couriered to their home/work address or to the school’s address

As you can see, the school barely needs to do anything. All they do is upload the textbook lists to Simply Everything’s website and inform parents on how to order. There is no handling payments, allocating books to the correct pupil, etc, etc.

Q4: What was it like getting parents to order online?

A: It was not difficult. We didn’t experience any bugs when ordering online and there was no negative feedback from the parents.

Q5: What has Simply Everything’s service been like? 

A: Their service has been excellent and they most certainly are a pleasure to work with. They are very involved in the ordering process. They also communicated well when books were on backorder or out of stock.

Q6: Would you recommend Simply Everything to other schools?

A: Yes. Simply Everything’s ordering process is easy and hassle-free. Their book collection process is also run very smoothly. If you want to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on admin, we strongly suggest schools to adopt Simply Everything’s method of ordering textbooks.


If you think your school’s current method of ordering textbooks needs improvement, simply leave your details below. We’ll ask someone from Simply Everything to provide you with more info about their easier method of ordering.