Hey teachers, want to know how you can earn SACE point while completing an IT course? Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it. Upon completion of the eSkills 4 All Course, you can receive 25 CPD points. And the thing we really love about it: it has a built-in assessment from the start so you can easily see which sections you need to focus on.

We asked Celeste Katzew of Active Digital Education some questions to find out specifics for this Computer Course for South African Teachers.

Q: What does it cover?

A: The course covers Operating a PC, Windows, File and Folder Management, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and Email (NQF levels 1 – 4). The learning programme allows you to individually progress through the programme or complete an initial assessment and then only work through the modules you do not know. You can, therefore, use the programme to “fill the gaps” in your knowledge.

It was developed according to the South African Unit Standards and aims to cover all the core components educators need to know.  It has built-in assessments and has thousands of interactive exercises so that educators can ‘learn-by-doing’.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: R500 per teacher.

Q: Can they do it online or do they go to a venue?

A: We can make is available either online or they can do it once installed at the school.

Q: How do they get their certificate points?

A: They need to pass a test with a certain percentage to get their certificate and the points. It has built-in assessments so that you can see which areas you need to focus on from the beginning.  

Q: Does it have an assignment?

A: No – only an online test.

Q: Can teachers only do the test or do they have to study through each section?

A: For the CPD points they would need to study and take the test.

A: If they fail the test can they do it again?

A: Yes.

As you can see, it’s that easy. If you were already thinking of doing an IT course or if you are now, why not score some SACE points while you’re at it? If you want more info on how you can do this course or if you have any other enquiries, head over to this link.

We think that this is truly an easy and effective way for teachers to get those all-important SACE points. For 500 bucks, you can get your SACE points while learning or sharpening your computer skills.