Are you looking for an affordable tablet solution for your school or homeschool? We have uncovered this awesome, all-in-one solution called the “Big Black Box”.

Educational Technical Solutions (ETS) launched the “Big Black Box” at the very busy Digital Education Show and was amazed to hear the need for an ever growing Home School market. ETS, a technology and logistics partner has spent time working on a solution for the Educational market called the “Big Black Box” and feel that it covers all necessities and eventualities.

What’s in the box?

The “Box” contains an Intel 10” tablet with keyboard, mouse, headphones, a notepad, a stylus pen as well as a funky bag – everything a learner or teacher would need to study!

Big Black Box - What's in the box

What teaching content is loaded on the tablet?

ETS has partnered with a couple of local content providers enabling the “Big Black Box” to be loaded with STEM content, Teacher Training content or Basic Computer Literacy – all of which is of the highest quality and fully digital. But it doesn’t stop there………ETS is one of the few technology providers who provides nation-wide distribution and support for their tablets.

ETS is excited by the prospect of a learner being able to receive a “Big Black Box” containing everything they would need to study their STEM CAPS, IEB or Cambridge curriculum – but also have peace of mind that all can be fixed if necessary.

The digital content will inspire passion in the learner – with thousands of filmed science experiments and locally created English pieces specifically designed to impart learning. The solution was met with enthusiasm at the show – ETS are excited to start delivering in January 2017.

If you think that you could use the Big Black Box in your school, contact Robin van Wyk via:
Tel. 011 462 6335