With devices in classroom becoming key we asked Barbara Sweet to write a guest post on Chromebooks.

Barbara is a Spanish Teacher, Technology Lead, and Doctoral Candidate in Ed Tech in the States. She is Passionate about education & technology and is also the author of Teaching in a Chromebook Classroom. This is what she had to say:

Chromebooks in the Classroom
Many school districts struggle with budget cuts. Providing students with technology is necessary for 21st-century learning, but the cost often makes it prohibitive. Chromebooks are a good solution.

They can be purchased for as low as $200 (editor note: available in SA between R3 000 – R4 000) each. Making Chromebooks a cost effective choice for bringing technology into the classroom.

There are no additional software costs as Chromebooks purchased by schools can be enrolled in Google for education, which provides free access to all Google has to offer. Chromebooks offer no initial set-up, which makes the set-up process so much easier than with traditional computers.

One feature I like a lot is how it allows you to log in using your Gmail account. You log in once and you are signed into all Google Apps for Education.

I hate it every time you go to a new website and you have to create an account before you can start using it. Google Chromebooks makes signing in easy.

Another feature I like is how Google Apps for Education make it easy to collaborate and share work. I use Google Classroom to organize the work submitted by students each of my periods. Students have essentially, a digital drop box where to submit their work.

It also makes it convenient to provide feedback to my students, grade, and even return work to them, when necessary. Students can all be working on the same document, at the same time. No more need to email the work back and forth in order to update it.


My book, Teaching in a Chromebook Classroom, provides tips and tricks for any educator or administrator considering using Chromebooks in the classroom.

As both a classroom teacher and technology lead, my goal is to provide students with the skills they need as 21st-century learners, and with Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education, I have been able to do just that.