Most schools are challenged with cash management, administration and fees. There is also a major risk that comes with cash on the school premises. Parents face frustration when having to always have cash available for their kids.

We would like to introduce you to a cashless payment solution which allows for schools to replace all cash processes with simple, easy transactions on any connected device such as a phone, tablet or computer.

Make school and outside school payments from one portal

What if you could make schools payments and outside school payments all from one portal? With, you can make payments for school fees, school clothing, projects, books, stationery, tuck shop, canteen and event tickets. You can even use to make payments outside the school environment at your local Spar, Checkers, restaurants and much more.

After their demonstration at the SBMA Annual Conference, we chatted to to find out more about their clever cashless payment system.

We at were proud to announce the official launch of our Cashless School solution at the SBMA (Schools Business Managers Association) Annual Conference hosted at Southern Sun OR Tambo in May of this year.

The product was showcased live at the conference. Delegates’ accounts were opened virally (in real time without any registration process) by sending their mobile number to the team. These delegates each received their own free eWallet containing an eVoucher which they could spend at the conference. SchoolAdvisor 2

Delegates were encouraged to purchase gifts from the booth using their free eVoucher. Our gifts included puzzles, games, pot plants and other (really cool) gifts. The gift purchases stirred up quite a bit of excitement as crowds gathered around the stand during all breaks!

The delegates who purchased gifts got to experience the ease of transacting with We received great feedback from the participants. It is clear, from this demonstration, that a cashless school payment system can be used in any school and is the solution to school payments.

No more cash!

Soon, mobile payments will replace all payment transactions, specifically cash. A cash-free environment results in a risk-free environment. No cash means less administration, less handling, less bank fees and equals more control and more time.

For parents, learners and staff, there is no longer a need to carry around cash to pay for anything. With, your money is on your phone, available anywhere, anytime, without the need of a bank account. Furthermore, any approved person can receive money on behalf of the school (a staff member, teacher, parent, coach, etc), spreading the load to more or more relevant persons.

Endless possibilities with cashless payments

Cashless payments solutions stretch far beyond the school’s fence. As you might already know, the use of the eWallet is encouraged by surrounding businesses, meaning you could generate a loyalty cash-back for the school. To become part of the community FREE of charge, contact us at [email protected] or, alternatively, sign up here.

Should you be interested, suggests a hands on, simple implementation process with minimal steps:

  1. A pilot project with a group of participants is run, e.g:
  • Activate book/clothing store and request group of parents/ students to purchase goods using
  • Activate tuck shop, we will give vouchers to councillors/ leaders, to spend at tuck shop sharing experience
  • Collect funds for particular school project or event using
  1. Communicate to the whole school re. use case, value and other uses of the product;
  2. School to convert pay points in school from cash to over time.

For more information, visit our website or phone us at 071 475 5682