With fewer textbooks and more devices, schools are going to have to rethink the traditional locker.

“We decided to get creative and think about how to modernize a building that’s 60 years old to meet the needs of kids today. The lockers were just taking up space. Now, our school is more of an open campus” says Principal Jay Thomas, head of a school in the US, in an interview with District Administration. His school has removed all of their lockers and replaced them with benches and device charging stations.

The report continues to explain that, of the 2,000 high school students in Albemarle County Public Schools (US), only 25 requested lockers during the previous school year, as more students carry their devices and books in backpacks.

The traditional locker that was designed for storing textbooks is now not needed in a school with 1:1 rollout of devices. Textbooks might be out but there is still sports clothes and equipment that need to be stored during classes, so some form of storage might still be needed.

The bigger concern lies with recharging hundreds of devices in a school. Most pupils are not going to remember to recharge at home or are going to lose battery power during the course of the day.

Thomas’ solution was removing the lockers and introducing charging stations and benches. What solution have you used? Share your story with us.