What SchoolAdvisor Is All About

SchoolAvisor was founded with one simple but challenging purpose in mind: helping schools buy better. As CEO, Peter Morgan puts it, ‘If schools end up with the wrong products and services at the wrong price, it can be detrimental to education.’ We are here to be the one place where schools can easily find exactly what they are looking for by simply searching for it on our site.

Meet the Team

Our specialists are at the heart of helping schools buy better. They are committed to connecting schools and suppliers.
Peter Morgan - SchoolAdvisor About Us Page
Peter Morgan
The Boss, AKA King Pete

As a child, Pete aspired to be a chauffeur. This desire came about when watching his dad give ladies lifts to church. 

After completing a degree in Stellenbosch, Peter moved on to do a post-graduate diploma in marketing and communications at the Red & Yellow school. He has extensive marketing and sales experience, helping to launch South Africa’s first Wildlife Film Festival as the Marketing and Sales Manager of Global Creative Studios. Here, he worked on two of South Africa’s biggest cinematic releases – Hansie and Faith like Potatoes.

In 2009, Peter co-founded d6 Technology, which offers communication tools to over 1800 schools through its School Communicator.

Pete has fulfilled his childhood dream by being a chauffeur to his three children.

Daniel Hall
The Marketing Guy

As a child, Daniel aspired to be a soccer player.

Daniel, always being interested in technology, the internet, and advertising, then uncovered a passion for digital marketing. He was always interested in how digital/online marketing can support and grow a business. Daniel has completed online diploma courses in digital marketing and social media management & ORM through Shaw Academy. Daniel is now working towards a diploma in Marketing Management through Boland College.

Daniel loves various sports, including bodyboarding/surfing, trail running, football, and just about any other sport that’s going. Even though his dream of playing for Manchester United has faded, his love for football remains true.

Anneke Ochse - SchoolAdvisor About Us Page
Anneke Ochse
Happiness Engineer

As a child, Anneke aspired to be a baker, mainly because of her deep love for pizza.

Once all grown up, she completed her degree in B. Consumer Sciences at TUKS (University of Pretoria), specialising in hospitality management. Anneke has 8 years of experience in the hospitality industry, working as a manager at various lodges around the country.

Having mastered the art of baking the likes of macaroons and the best chocolate cake in the world (according to her husband), she, in her way, has fulfilled her childhood dream by baking for her family. Her love for pizza remains to this day…

Lizelle Vos - SchoolAdvisor About Us Page
Lizelle Vos
Accounting Lady

As a child, Lizelle aspired to drive a BMW, go on road trips and be a CEO.

After completing her Hons degree in Business Management at Stellenbosch University, Lizelle briefly worked in a bank (and almost sold vacuum cleaners) before entering the Big Bad Corporate World. After getting involved in a local community project, she left the Big Bad Corporate World to mentor project managers and help other community organizations with accounting and administration. She loves her husband and her dogs and hates not being a gazillionaire.

Today, Lizelle has her own accounting practice. She no longer has the desire to drive a BMW (or sell vacuum cleaners) but is fulfilling her childhood dreams by visiting foreign countries.

Ian Saker - SchoolAdvisor About Us Page
Ian Saker

As a child, Ian aspired to be a Smurf. And today, I am happy to say that he has achieved his dream!

Ian completed his MBA in Business at the University of Cape Town. When not doing Smurf things, he is also the Managing Director of Mineware Consulting and Wineware – companies that develop software for the mining and wine industry, respectively.

Our Promise

Help suppliers gain exposure to schools through our platform and marketing efforts.
Move mountains for schools to help them make purchasing decisions and find suppliers who best meet their needs.