At SchoolAdvisor, we love it when our clients do something unique and amazing. Touareg Tents is a top-rated supplier of truly unique tents to schools in the Western Cape. What sets them apart is the fact that they customize their tent layouts to suit your school’s specific needs.

Earlier this year, Touareg Tents was approached by Bishops Diocesan College who needed an especially long tent for their Fun Fair. To see if they really do go the extra mile for schools, we asked Maree of Touareg Tents how long the tent actually was. 

We combined multiple tents to make an L-shaped tent to match the size they required.”, Maree said. “Two of the tents were 10m wide, 60m long and an incredible 80m long, respectively!” Here are some pictures of the day to give you a better idea.

Bishops 140m Tent from Touareg Tents 2

Bishops 140m Tent from Touareg Tents 2

Bishops 140m Tent from Touareg Tents 3

Touareg Tent’s unique offering of Bedouin stretch tents helps them meet specific requests from schools like the one mentioned above.

Maree let us know how much they love working with schools to help them come up with various tenting solutions for their events. They even help schools with permanent covering solutions. 

They have worked with schools like Rustenberg, Reddam House, Wynberg, Rondebosch and Edgemead. As can be seen from their reviews below, they are well-loved by schools.

Touareg Tents SchoolAdvisor Review 1

Touareg Tents SchoolAdvisor Review 2

Touareg Tents SchoolAdvisor Review 3

If you looking for tents for your next event or a permanent tent solution, drop your details below and we will ask them to connect with you.