We understand the pain and headache parents and teachers experience when ordering stationery during the back-to-school season. You can now move away from the old-school way of completing an order form and handing it to the teacher with your proof of payment. This method usually equalled lost orders, incorrect items received and ultimately lots of very unhappy, frustrated parents and teachers.

Schoolzone Express have developed a unique system to talk to the most non-tech-savvy person! It is very user-friendly, making the whole experience seamless and easy. Continue reading to find out how their software can help your school with this previously tedious process.

Q1) How do you remove the headache for schools around back-to-school stationery packs?

For teachers:

Schoolzone Express works with teachers to plan in advance what each grade and subject requires. We then send sample packs of exactly what was discussed to be signed off. The packs are then uploaded to our system and ordered accordingly. Simple.

For parents:

Parents order and pay online via our unique website. Orders are automatically sent to our warehouse where they are packed and delivered the following day via Courier directly to the parents home or workplace.

Parents can also opt to collect their packs from our head office if they prefer (which helps prevent orders getting lost at the school, sent home with the wrong student or being left in the corridors in the rain).

Q2) How much time and effort does this save the school?

With Schoolzone Express, teachers only need to give:

  • An hour (approximately) to sit with us and confirm their items, preferred brands and quantities they require each child to have.
  • A second hour (approximately) to sign off on sample packs and confirm what you want is exactly what we offer on our online store.

Q3) What schools use Schoolzone Express to order stationery?

Primary, King Edward Prep (KEPS), Kind Edward School (KES), Maragon Private Schools, St Davids Marist Inanda, St Mary’s, Sandhurst Prep, and Deinfern College.

Q4) How price competitive are you?

All Stationers buy from a handful of importers and suppliers around the country, so our prices are in and around the same as any other stationer. In saying this, we do quote the school beforehand and are happy to negotiate our prices with the school. We also offer the schools a rebate if they use our services exclusively and recommend us to their parents.

Q5) What if schools want to order stationery a different way to the method you mentioned?

Most schools have their preferred way of operating and we will gladly adjust our system to fit into theirs.

Not all schools want their parents to order their own stationery. Some schools still want to control the stationery ordering process. These schools offer the stationery packs upfront to the parents and charge them on the levy or add it to their school fees.

In this case, we are happy to order and deliver directly to the schools in bulk. The school then handles dealing out the stationery to their students. We can deliver in bulk per grade or per class or packed into boxes per child (ie Grade 1 Pack).

We also supply directly to the school shop, where they then add a markup and resell to the students.

If you are keen to remove the headache of ordering stationery the old-school way, fill in the form below with your details and Tana from Schoolzone Express will be in touch soon.

You can also contact Tana on 087-0980495 or info@wexpress.co.za.