Edenvale High School robbery: http://bit.ly/2SoUsOA
Norkem High School robbery: http://bit.ly/2Xh08y5

Events in Gauteng

The recent events at two schools in Gauteng again highlighted the risks of cash at schools, the exposure to criminal activities, access control and CCTV systems. The tragedy that unfolded must be one of the worst nightmares of any parent or educator.

It is a frightening thought that schools are seen as soft targets and leaves one with feelings of fear and anger. The tragic events at Edenvale High School have no place in our society. There is no reason that schools should be the target of any theft.

The events as enclosed in the links above are an unfortunate reality check for SGB’s to take note of and to ensure that the needed precautions are taken.

FEDSAS Centre for Technology

The FEDSAS Centre for Technology aims to advise schools in the sensible use of technology to improve the schooling system. Our motto for 2019 is: “We have to LEARN as we LIVE”.

The focus is to normalise the use of technology in the schooling environment in the same way as we do in other spheres of life. We thus also have to “Govern and manage as we Live”. If there are useful tools and resources to improve our efficiency and our security it should be investigated and explored.

Cashless School environment

In view of the above, the Centre aims to introduce good solutions and services to schools to take into consideration. With this in mind, the Centre aims to inform schools of the available services on the market.

The drive for cashless environments since 2015 to reduce the financial control risks of cash handling as well as to reduce the risk of theft, has been emphasized.

In the recent Juta publication – Financial Management in public schools (Jaco Deacon [Ed]) wrote “Cash, and the handling of cash can be seen as one of the highest risk areas. It is believed that the use of cash and the risks it attracts, may be addressed in such a way that any organisation can function in a cashless environment if it so desires.”

Publication available at Juta: CLICK HERE

d6 and ITS offer solutions for a cashless environment

There are currently a variety of cashless payment mechanisms that are well known in our environment. Zapper and Snapscan are visible in most restaurants. Many schools already use credit card facilities, debit orders and EFT’s (electronic fund transfers).

One of the diamond corporate members of the Centre for Technology is the d6 Group. Their new generation app, d6 Connect, is a follow-up on the well known School Communicator. This app has an embedded function that allows cashless payments from parents to the school.

The d6 Cashless utility allows a school all the benefits of a cashless payment system, and comes in handy when children need cash at the last minute for a school project, while mom or dad’s wallet is already cashless.

In addition to this, one of our other diamond corporate members, ITS, is active in the access control and CCTV arena.  Access control remains one of the biggest challenges in our schools and requires well-planned strategies. Recordings of events are very handy in the prosecution process. https://itects.co.za/school-solutions-its/

SchoolAdvisor can assist you to find a solution

Peter Morgan, CEO of SchoolAdvisor, has seen an ever-growing spend of schools around security. Peter commented that barely a week goes by without a school requesting quotes for upgrades to their fences or new CCTV cameras for security reasons.

He also pointed out that there are credible companies who now provide cashless payment solutions with the aim of removing cash from school premises. Any school can request a quote by visiting SchoolAdvisor.co.za.

FEDSAS Centre for Technology

For more information about the FEDSAS Centre for Technology, please visit www.fedsastech.org.za and/or contact Riaan van der Bergh – Education Technology Manager – at tech@fedsas.org.za or 082 490 5790.