Teachers will now be able to build their own personalised and relevant activities and assessments, quickly and easily, with My Cyberwall’s revolutionary new activity and assessment builder, launching on our new platform in January 2018.

Within minutes, teachers will be able to design a range of either auto-marked or teacher-marked activities including drag and drop, true/false, multiple choice, prioritised list, matching columns, missing words, hidden answer, short text answer, paragraph answer, dependent questions, slider answers, as well as crosswords and word searches, with our user-friendly templates that can be customised to unique requirements and needs.

Teachers will be able to add their school logo, set the number of times that activities can be attempted, weight the activity for marks used for term assessment, enable or disable answers, to name but a few of the great features.

My Cyberwall’s activity and assessment builder is a first in South Africa and available when a school purchases a school or classroom licence. The minimal cost of only R50 per teacher per month and will save teachers valuable time as well as assist them to easily create customised and diverse content.

We think that this new activity and assessment builder will be a fantastic addition to their already great online learning resource.

My Cyberwall Review

To find out more, contact: [email protected] and don’t forget to visit them on SchoolAdvisor to see more reviews and find out more about what they offer.