Thinking of implementing tablets across your school?
Before committing to getting all your students onto tablets, read these 5 key points from Kobus Van Wyk (taken from fin24tech). Kobus is head of e-Learning at Mustek and was head of the Khanya Project which had a budget of R1bn and trained 27 000 teachers in computer technology.

1. It is a mistake to think that the novelty of technology will automatically translate into better learning. In fact, it may be a distraction unless teachers acquire sufficient skills to use technology as a teaching and learning tool.

2. Many (most) teachers do not know how to adapt their teaching and classroom management practices when technology is thrust upon them. So, the physical distribution is not a problem (although it appears to be a challenge for some suppliers) but the use of the devices for its supposedly intended purposes.

3. Rule of thumb for technology deployment is that half of the budget should be set aside for teacher training and ongoing support to ensure that the institutions and government derive value from the technology.