There are lots of ways to incorporate video into the classroom. From capturing students’ attention as you kick off a lesson to providing context for a new learning experience, teachers use videos in lots of different ways. Whether you are looking for a clip to send home to students via Google Classroom or want to connect a video link for a QR code scavenger hunt, educational 360 videos are worth exploring.

360 video gives students the power to explore a space from every angle. YouTube hosts a range of 360 video content and one of my favorites is from the BBC. On the BBC’s YouTube channel you’ll find different types of video options for a virtual visit to places around the world. As you search through their content you’ll see that they’ve tagged their videos as 360 to make it especially easy to find.

Educational 360 Videos from the BBC

One clip from the BBC you’ll want to check out is content from Planet Earth. This video gives a behind the scenes look at a place featured on this popular program. When sharing these videos with students you’ll want to use a Chrome web browser. You might also decide to incorporate a virtual reality headset like the low-cost Google Cardboard (under $10).

The 360 content from the BBC can be used to set the stage before reading a new book or help students develop questions for an inquiry project. Like any type of technology integration, you’ll want to make sure it is meaningful and connected to your learning goals. Virtual reality can help students connect the learning taking place inside your classroom to events and experiences in the real world.

Source: Class Tech Tips