We have the inside loop as to why 3 of South Africa’s largest school admin systems have merged.

Together – Principal Plus (previously Principal Primary), Pencilbox, and Smart now represent over 600 schools as one company. We sat down with Jan Kitshoff of Principal Software to find out what the reason behind the merger was and how it will impact schools.

“By bringing 3 players together we can combine years of each tech team’s individual skills & experience to create a powerful tool that makes life easier for schools,” says Jan.

By combining their systems and continuously improving them, Jan says they now offer schools 3 key benefits:

1) A cloud-based solution

Even though a lot of schools are still hesitant about cloud-based solutions, the benefits of using a cloud-based system are awesome. More schools should consider cloud-based solutions – only then can they have the following rewards:

  • No local backup needed
  • Remote point of access (manage your school, your pupils’ marks, learning from  anywhere, anytime)
  • Increase collaboration between all parties
  • Live, real-time support and real-time updates meaning – no need for software updates (websites are updated regularly)
  • Almost no downtime
  • Lower hardware costs (no need to buy server infrastructure)

2) Comprehensive integrated offering

With this one single admin system, there is no longer the need to jump from system to system (non-integrated silo systems). The system can  administrate all key players (learners, parents, and staff), handle your communication and be your complete financial system. It will, in fact, replace your accounting systems, manage your budget and facilitate a complete financial solution.

It will, in fact, replace your accounting systems, manage your budget and facilitate a complete financial solution.

The communication framework facilitates SMS, email and integrates with d6 (which we really like); they are also developing a 2-way mobile app communicator which will be launched during 2016.

With its ability to capture assessment results online and it’s integration with the Google Apps for Education framework, this system will assist in the most vital aspect – integrated learning.

3) They do the compliance for you, no need to duplicate work!

Through the system, your school will automatically adhere to all levels of compliance and reporting with the following: POPI, ANA’s, DBE, SA-SAMS,  LURITS as well as CAPS. This will remove a lot of pressure and make your life a whole lot easier.

From SchoolAdvisor, we see a fourth benefit: having a trusted partner you can rely on, that now has more than 20 years of experience with offices and teams around the country.  They have effectively consolidated 3 of the biggest players in the market.

At SchoolAdvisor, we believe in connecting trusted suppliers to schools. It is great to see a company that is working hard to make life easier for schools. Admin systems can either give you a lot of heartaches or make life easier.

We believe, by using Principal Software, your life will be made that much easier. With the power of 3 companies and 600 schools backing them – accompanied with their great reviews on SchoolAdvisor, how can it not?

-You can check out Principal Softwares reviews on SchoolAdvisor here and their website here: www.principalsoftware.co.za