Here is a researched list of 10 excellent educators on Twitter. Twitter is such a great place to learn. If you are new to Twitter, use hashtags to find people and topics that interest you. Then simply click the follow button on Twitter users you want to hear more from. You can even ‘star’ someone so you get a notification every time they tweet.

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Here is Neil Jarrett’s(@EdTechNeil) list of 10 excellent educators on Twitter:

1) Martin Burrett (@ICTmagic)

2) Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth)

3) Monica Burns (@ClassTechTips)

4) Mr Parkinson (@ICT_MrP)

5) Isabella Wallace (@WallaceIsabella)

6) Tod Nesloney (@TechNinjaTodd)

7) Deputy Mitchell (@DeputyMitchell)

8) Teacher Toolkit (@TeacherToolkit)

9) Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist)

10) ICT in Education (@terryfreedman)