We are proud to announce that SchoolAdvior.co.za now has 1 200 live reviews that have been submitted by schools around South Africa.

This online platform that allows schools to find, rate and get quotes from school-suppliers was officially launched in Jan this year. Adding to the 1 200 reviews, the platform also currently has over 850 companies the supply a product/service to schools already listed.

What SchoolAdvisor is all about
The main focus of the company is to ‘help schools buy better.’ This is the drive behind the company and the motivation for everything we do.

By visiting SchoolAdvisor.co.za, schools can easily see which schools use which product/service from which company. Schools can then make a decision based on the popularity and rating of the product/service.

The reviews and ratings that have been submitted by schools will keep suppliers accountable and ensure they do not take advantage of schools by overcharging or providing poor service.

The original idea from the founder, Peter Morgan
Pete (as he is known), came up with the concept of SchoolAdvisor when he realised how busy educators schedules are and how much of a burden purchasing can become. This is amplified by the number of salespeople coming through the door.

Schools feel like:
I See Salespeople

The SchoolAdvisor tool is there to help schools to instantly see if a supplier can meet your school’s need.

Keeping Suppliers Accountable
The reviews on the site have mainly been positive, but we have received the odd negative review, which we do encourage as honesty is key in keeping suppliers accountable.

This is what we want to do – help schools.

Here are some reviews on SchoolAdvisor. See what school have to say about us:

SchoolAdvisor Review 1

SchoolAdvisor Review 2