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1403, 2019

South African EdTech Company Launches Free E-Learning Platform

CAPE TOWN, 20 February 2019 Limited access to digital tools due to cost restrictions, a lack of technical know-how, and device integration restrictions have been consistent problems for educational institutions in emerging markets. To tackle this problem head on and [...]

1203, 2019

Get your School SACE and CPTD Compliant

As we all should know by now, in order to be a teacher in South Africa, you need to be registered with SACE. And, to keep your registration, you need to earn Continual Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) points. SchoolAdvisor has [...]

2702, 2019

FEDSAS Concerned about Alarming Increase of Armed Robberies at Schools

Edenvale High School robbery: Norkem High School robbery: Events in Gauteng The recent events at two schools in Gauteng again highlighted the risks of cash at schools, the exposure to criminal activities, access control and CCTV systems. The tragedy that [...]