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Water Saving at Schools

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Get 21% off your order of Save-a-Flush water displacement devices

The Save-a-Flush is a water displacement device that fits ALL toilet cisterns. And now, with this exclusive offer from Dry Planet through SchoolAdvisor, you can do your part in saving water at a reduced price.

Considering the water crisis that we are experiencing at the moment, this exciting product allows you to tackle the issue, head on, with immediate benefits and cost savings.

Water consumption/usage is significant in highly populated areas. Rolling the Save-a-Flush out across schools, tertiary institutions, businesses and building developments, will decrease one’s water footprint, resulting in REAL water savings and lower monthly water bills.

Dry Planet SA Pty Ltd is a green initiative consulting company, addressing all things green but with a niche focus on water. They are passionate about sustainability and have embarked on offering an award winning water saving/displacement product.


Their mission is to reach 1% of the South African Population and save 1 litre per day, per person. Through the 1% reached, if 1 litre is saved per person EVERY DAY, for ONE YEAR, this translates to over 200 million litres saved. The 200 million litres saved, could provide thirsty children and deserving causes, with 400 million, 500ml bottled waters to drink.

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