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Is Your School Getting the Best Return and Service for Its Surplus Cash?

We know how crazy the beginning of the year can be for a school when it comes to managing cash [...]

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  • It All Starts with Great Photographs and Real Smiles - Prestige

It All Starts with Great Photographs and Real Smiles

Prestige Photographic Group received an incredible 32 reviews within 2 months. What's more, each one of those reviews was a [...]

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  • ADESSA and SchoolAdvisor Speed Dating Event

ADESSA and SchoolAdvisor Speed Dating Event

On Thursday, 1 December 2016, a number of ADESSA members and ScoolAdvisor members came together at the offices of Investec [...]

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1302, 2017

360 Video Education Spotlight: BBC on YouTube

There are lots of ways to incorporate video into the classroom. From capturing students’ attention as you kick off a lesson to providing context for a new learning experience, teachers use videos in lots of different ways. Whether you are [...]

1002, 2017

Why We Need to Bring Creativity Back Into Education

With the new school year all ready to kick off into 2017, we need to say congratulations to everyone who laboured away, burning the midnight oil in building a future for themselves. A massive thank you to our teachers too, [...]

1002, 2017

Building Schools around Technology

A tech coordinator’s perspective on disruption, re-design, and technology’s role in education. The modern classroom has undergone dramatic changes over the past few years. Technology has disrupted our notions of how we design our schools and best deliver our curriculum [...]

102, 2017

Your School Could Be Earning Up to R12k pm For a Billboard

Tractor Outdoor, a premier outdoor media advertising solutions company, explains how they can help you turn unused space into a profit-generating billboard for your school. Q: What kind of revenue can a school generate from billboards on their school grounds? [...]

2701, 2017

Classroom Upgrades – Predictions for 2017

In 2017, learning spaces and environments are the next frontier. We’ve seen technology infiltrate the classroom in a variety of ways, from physical technology to creating connected, global classrooms. With this integration and the use of technology in the classroom, [...]

2601, 2017

Are Parents School-Ready?

Many children do not have access to quality ECD programmes and require more support in the Foundation Phase, not only from teachers but their parents too. Adopt-a-School asks whether parents are well equipped enough to support their children. A lot [...]

2501, 2017

What is the School Business Managers’ Association (SA)?

What is the SBMA? The School Business Managers’ Association (SA) is a professional membership organisation for those responsible for school financial administration and management at public schools. The SBMA was established in 2008 to address the professional needs at public [...]

2501, 2017

Improving Student Writing Using iPads

We received this guest article from Robert Morris - he details how iPads benefit student learning and writing. Ever since its invention, the iPad has become widely used in the schools and not only for entertainment purposes. This tool is [...]

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