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1704, 2018

SchoolAdvisor Becomes an Affiliate of Worlddidac Association is South Africa’s leading organisation that connects school suppliers and manufacturers to schools. SchoolAdvisor provides a platform for our members to list their businesses and product offerings with the aim of reaching schools. Schools use the platform to make [...]

2903, 2018

Why Exhibit at the EduTECH Africa Conference? Who Attends

By bringing together the thought leaders in education from across Africa and the world, EduTECH Africa will inspire the audience. Educators will be challenged to think differently. With 6 streams and over 150 speakers each discussing gripping topics and overflowing ideas, the conference will inspire change [...]

2303, 2018

5 Documents Needed to Successfully Obtain Outstanding School Fees

Schools face many difficulties when trying to get parents to pay school fees. Because this a such a big issue for South African schools, debt collection experts, CeeBee Debt Management Services (Pyt) Ltd have provided us with important information on [...]

1202, 2018

Water Workshop – 50% Off (Per Learner) During Water Crisis

Prevent Day Zero Book Now: We believe Africa’ s complex challenges require us to adopt a new way of teaching, learning and doing. Interdisciplinary learning and real-world problem solving are key in educating for sustainable development and the relationships [...]

112, 2017

FutureLearn Partners with CAMI Education to Broaden Offering to Schools and Parents

FutureLearn has announced the acquisition of CAMI Education, a provider of education software to schools, learners and tutors. The agreement, which should be completed before the end of 2017 will see the companies joining forces to strengthen FutureLearn’s current offering to [...]